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La Soirée

  • Premiere Date

    29th January 2015
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In 2015, Strut & Fret co-presented the Perth premiere of LA SOIRÉE to great critical acclaim and record audiences at Perth Fringe World.

Prepare to be amazed, amused, appalled, aroused, shocked, stirred and shaken as you enter the sexy, funny and dangerous world of LA SOIRÉE.

A cocktail of jaw-dropping acrobats, mind-bending contortionists and thrilling chanteuses, spiced with a pinch of the exotic and the erotic and well-seasoned with humour, LA SOIRÉE is a beguiling concoction that has left audiences around the world spellbound, titillated and amazed.

Made up of the world’s greatest exponents of cabaret, new burlesque, circus sideshow and contemporary vaudeville, LA SOIRÉE creates a parallel universe of pure entertainment where raw, undeniable skill meets unstoppable laughter and high energy. Reviving the passion, heart, unforgettable style and good old-fashioned showmanship that made them favourites across the globe, these artists will present their twisted take on cabaret and variety in LA SOIRÉE.

Creative Producer, Brett Haylock explains “LA SOIRÉE has toured the world for the last 10 years perfecting the ultimate night out. Having played every other capital city in Australia, we have always wanted to bring the show to Perth. Now we finally get to show Perth audiences what all the fuss is about and we couldn’t be more excited to do it at Fringe World’s Pleasure Garden.”


  • WINNER - 2015 Olivier Award, Best Family & Entertainment
  • WINNER - 2014 New York Off Broadway Alliance Awards, Best Unique Theatrical Experience
  • WINNER - 2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival, BankSA Pick of the Fringe
  • WINNER - 2012 London Cabaret Awards, Best One-off Production
  • WINNER - 2009 Laurence Olivier Award, Best Entertainment (as La Clique)
  • WINNER - 2005 Brighton Festival Fringe, Best of the Fringe Festival (as La Clique)


‘Amazing acrobatics…an interactive, funny and dangerously clever show. Excellent for kids and all ages’ – Rip It Up

‘Tom Flanagan’s silent movie-esque slapstick with a bucket and stepladder, is elegant buffoonery at its finest, climaxing with a surprisingly heart-stopping piece of acrobatics.’ – Three Weeks (UK)

‘This is physical comedy at its best’ – Entertainment Hive

Tom Flanagan debuted his solo show KAPUT to UK audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012 to great critical acclaim. The proud recipient of Mervyn Stutter’s Spirit of the Fringe Award, one of the oldest running awards of Edinburgh Fringe, KAPUT was also listed by the Scotsman as one of the top 5 comedy shows at the Fringe.

KAPUT opened in 2012 to a premier sold-out season at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in Garden of Unearthly Delights, where it was nominated for Best Circus & Physical Theatre and described as ‘Definitely one of the loveliest shows of this year’s fringe’ (Adelaide Art Beat).

Directed by Gareth Bjaaland with artistic direction from Frodo Santini, KAPUT is the story of a clumsy ‘Mr. Fixit’ who, despite his best efforts to perform the simplest of tasks, only manages to fuel the catastrophe unfolding around him. Described as ‘physical comedy at its best’ (Entertainment Hive), KAPUT revives the art of silent movie-esque slapstick, exploring the simple and universally engaging charm one of the oldest forms of humour.

‘Elegant Buffoon’, Tom Flanagan is one of Australia’s leading acrobatic clowns.  A graduate of the internationally renowned circus school, The Flying Fruit Flies; Tom started tumbling, twisting, flying and falling at the age of six. Tom has performed at festivals and venues around the world collecting accolades including the Argus Angel and Star of the Festival Award.

One of the original ‘Tom Tom Crew’ acrobats, Tom has previously performed with the group at Edinburgh, Adelaide and Brighton Fringe Festivals & Sydney Opera House. He was also a member of Circus Oz from 2009 – 2010.

Kaput is a beautifully poignant step back into the ‘golden era’ of black and white silent film, produced by award winning, internationally renowned production company Strut & Fret, the creators and producers of Cantina, Tom Tom Crew, Le Gateau Chocolat and Feasting on Flesh. 

Bookings for North America:

Cheryle Hansen – Director
Kids’ Entertainment
460 College Street, Suite 2023
Toronto, Ontario  M6G 1A1

Ph (416) 971-4836  Fax (416) 971-4841



  • RUNNER UP Victor Award - International Performing Arts for Youth Showcase 2014
  • WINNER Spirit of the Fringe Award - Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012
  • NOMINATED Little Creatures Circus Award - Perth Fringe World 2013
  • NOMINATED Best Circus and Physical Theatre - Adelaide Fringe 2012

Cast & Credits

  • CAST Tom Flanagan
  • DIRECTOR Gareth Bjaaland

Tom Thum

‘Tom Thum appears to have swallowed an entire orchestra and several backing singers.’ – THE GUARDIAN (UK)

‘There are not enough superlatives to describe this beatboxing virtuoso – I am still trying to figure out how he got those sounds out of his mouth.’ – THE DAILY TELEGRAPH (UK)

Armed with just a microphone, Tom Thum pushes the limits of the human voice to create incredible soundtracks of impossible beats and phenomenal sounds, with scratched vinyl, the Michael Jackson back catalogue, the didgeridoo and an entire ’50s jazz band amongst his vocal repertoire.

Tom Thum is an original TOM TOM CREW member and has achieved and experienced more than most artists could hope to achieve in a lifetime. From winning the team battles in the World Beatbox Championships in 2005, to fulfilling every artist’s dream and performing on Broadway in New York. He has also shared a stage with hip hop legends such as Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash.

In 2013, footage of his performance at TEDxSydney became the most watched TEDx video of all time, with over 14 million hits. This year Tom was commissioned by Disney to remix the sound for the vintage footage of The Skeleton Dance for Halloween.

Tom’s solo show BEATING THE HABIT debuted at Adelaide Fringe in 2012 to sold out audiences and he picked up the coveted UNDERBELLY EDINBURGH AWARD which supported his 2012 UK tour to London and Edinburgh Fringe with critically acclaimed seasons.

‘If there is a better artist in his field anywhere in the world I would be surprised.’ – BROADWAY WORLD




  • MOST WATCHED TEDx Talk of All Time 2013
  • NOMINATED Best Music - Adelaide Fringe 2013
  • WINNER Underbelly Edinburgh Award - Adelaide Fringe 2012
  • WINNER Best Noise & Sound Effects - World Beatbox Convention 2010
  • WINNER Australia's Best All-Rounder - Australian Hip Hop Awards 2007 - 2010
  • WINNER Australia's Best Beatboxer - Australian Hip Hop Awards 2005 - 2010
  • RUNNER UP Scribble Jam - Cincinnati 2006
  • WINNER World Beatbox Battle Team Battle alongside Joel Turner - 2005

Yana Alana

  • Premiere Date

    13th February 2015

Join Yana Alana – the feather ruffler, rabble rouser and cabaret provocateur – for a bent night of blues, burlesque and blame in The Famous Spiegeltent. In Between the Cracks the tyrannical Yana Alana, accompanied by her long suffering accompanist Louise Goh, bares all – quite literally – through song, eccentric dance, poetry and tantrums.

Between the Cracks introduces a living and breathing one-woman show in every sense of the word. From poetry to unexpected musical numbers and wearing little more than a slick of blue paint, no topic is safe from the ineffable Yana Alana.

Winner of the 2014 Helpmann Award for Best Cabaret, Yana Alana has previously worked her way into award winning seasons of Bite Me in Melbourne Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival and Adelaide Cabaret Festival. The hit follow up show, Bite Me Harder was commissioned for Full Tilt at the Victorian Arts Centre in 2008. Having worked with The Melbourne Workers Theatre and Circus Oz, Yana Alana was awarded Best Cabaret Artist Green Room Awards 2008. After the departure of Yana’s “piranhas”, Alana and Goh continue a somewhat argumentative partnership to the delight of Australian audiences.

A mistress at emotional manipulation and the art of entrapment, Yana Alana invites you to view the world from the heart and mind of a solipsistic, fragile and courageous diva who is not afraid to let it all hang out!

This is cabaret at its very best – incisive, hilarious, confronting and, most of all, musically divine.


  • WINNER - 2015 Adelaide Fringe Best Cabaret
  • WINNER - 2014 Helpmann Award for Best Cabaret
  • WINNER - 2013 Green Room Award Best Cabaret Artist
  • WINNER - 2013 Green Room Award Best Production
  • WINNER - 2010 Green Room Award Best Cabaret Artist
  • WINNER - 2009 Green Room Award Best Cabaret Artist

Feasting on Flesh

  • Premiere Date

    9th November 2006

‘Scott Maidment keeps the action and double entendres moving right along with visceral verve.’  REALTIME

‘Bizarre, unexpected and bloody funny.’   DRUM MEDIA

Feasting on Flesh was commissioned by the Sydney Opera House in 2006.  Created by Strut & Fret and directed by Scott Maidment, Feasting featured a cast of Australia’s most delectable talents. Inspired and set to the music of Australia’s wunderkind Goyte, Feasting combined some of Australia’s foremost circus and physical theatre performers with tiny tastes of text by chefs including Humphrey McQueen, Stephen Sewell and Eddie Perfect.

‘Feasting on Flesh serves up a gourmet platter of hors d’oeuvres from high flying spectacle, explosions of stunts, nu-circus, extreme theatre and burlesque for insatiable epicureans of gluttony and the gluttonous maximus.  For what you are about to receive be eternally grateful for Strut and Fret.’    SYDNEY STAGE

Cast & Credits

  • DIRECTOR Scott Maidment
  • ORIGINAL CAST Bille Brown, Wally De Backer (Goyte), Candy Bowers, Tom Flanagan, Mark Winmill, Gypsy Wood
  • ADDITIONAL CAST Le Gateau Chocolat, Ansuya Nathan
  • WRITERS Stephen Sewell, Eddie Perfect, Jaya Savige, Humphrey McQueen, Candy Bowers, D H Lawrence, Bille Brown
  • PRODUCER Sarah Stewart
  • STAGE MANAGER Ashlee Arnold

The Secret Death of Salvador Dali

  • Premiere Date

    5th Oct 2000

‘A breath-taking tour de force.  Excellent.’ THE AUSTRALIAN

Exuberant, gleefully grotesque theatre.’ THE BULLETIN

The Secret Death of Salvador Dali is an enticing cocktail of irreverence, sordid sexuality and unparalleled scandal.  This stunning two-hander play takes you on a surreal journey through the outrageous life and art of one of the world’s most notorious artists as he recounts his days as poseur and artist from his deathbed.  Manic, highly skilled and outrageous theatre that pushes the boundaries of expectations and good taste.

Set it a surrealist netherworld and utilizing the diverse talents of performers Julie Eckersley and Trevor Stuart, the play plummets the audience into not only a landscape of Dali’s well known paintings, but also into the depths and depravities of the artist’s own subconscious.

The Secret Death of Salvador Dali was originally produced by Strut & Fret Production House and La Boite Theatre, in collaboration with the 2000 Energex Brisbane Festival.  In 2002 Strut & Fret showcased this highly successful production at the Australian Performing Arts Marketing, where it performed a 10 show sell-out season during the Adelaide Fringe, receiving the Advertiser’s Best of the Fringe Award.  The Secret Death was then invited to the esteemed Riverside Studios in London where it played a three week season.  As part of this international tour, the production also ran for a four week season at one of Edinburgh’s most respected venues, The Assembly Rooms, during the 2002 Edinburgh Fringe. In 2004, the work was remounted in partnership with Griffin Theatre.

 ‘Ingenious visual effects, unexpected character shifts, and stirring live music…thoroughly entertaining!’  THE SCOTSMAN (UK)

 ‘Magnificent, visually provocative and hugely entertaining.’   EVENING NEWS (UK)


  • WINNER Best of the Fringe, Adelaide Fringe Festival

Cast & Credits

  • ORIGINAL CO-DIRECTORS Scott Maidment and Sue Rider
  • PERFORMERS Trevor Stuart, Julie Eckersley, Shenzo Gregorio

A Company of Strangers

  • Premiere Date

    20th February 2009

‘A rollicking cabaret gig that swings like a trapeze act between glamorous, hilarious and outrageous.’  THE INDEPENDENT WEEKLY

‘ What La Clique did for circus sideshows and Tarnished did for burlesque, A Company of Strangers does for music.  Song at its most diverse, delicious and dangerous best.’ ADELAIDE ADVERTISER

Close your eyes and melt into a glamorous world like no other…

A rare evocative experience, A Company of Strangers is a night of pure pleasure, exquisite music and sumptuous song, brought to you by an international collection of sensational singers.

Led by Australia’s foremost cabaret enigma and master of song, Paul Capsis, this stellar cast of musical darlings features the husky voiced songbird, Lady Carol (IRE), the charming and deliciously cheeky baritone, Le Gateau Chocolat (UK) and lovelorn Russian songstress Sveta Dobranoch.  Maestro of the junkyard, Martin Martini presides over A Company of Strangers with his keen eye for satire and throaty, theatrical bent.

From soulful swooning, to the dizzying heights of operatic force, A Company of Strangers takes the audience on an unforgettable musical journey, with highlights including intoxicating cabaret noir, sublimely crafted hits of the past on ukulele, and the extraordinary channeling of tragic divas.


  • WINNER Advertiser Award – Adelaide Fringe 2009
  • NOMINATED Helpmann Award - Best Cabaret

Cast & Credits

  • ORIGINAL CAST Paul Capsis, Le Gateau Chocolat, Lady Carol, Sveta Dobranoch, Martin Martini.
  • ADDITIONAL CAST Meow Meow, Christine Johnston

The Happy Sideshow

Strut & Fret first saw The Happy Sideshow perform at the 2001 National Circus Festival in Mullumbimby, Australia.  They began working together on a premiere season at the Brisbane Powerhouse a few months later, before touring to the Edinburgh Fringe.  Over the next 5 years, this unique celebration of the strange and wonderful toured the globe to international acclaim.  Featuring acrobatics, sword-swallowing, contortion, a bed of nails and all set to a thumping dance beat and spectacular stunt choreography, The Happy Sideshow featured the talents of MC and trap-snapping host, Shep Huntly; incredible rubberman, Captain Frodo, whipcrackin’ mistress of anglegrinding acrobatics, Tiger Lil and finally, the amazing sword-swallowing freak of nature, The Space Cowboy.

Cast & Credits

  • ORIGINAL CAST & CREATORS Tigerlil, The Space Cowboy, Shep Huntly, Captain Frodo,
  • ADDITIONAL CAST Hamish McCormick, Matt Fraser, Sideshow Josh
  • STAGE MANAGER Scott MaidmentSonya Bohlen


Sumsum is a theatrical, vibrant and colourful indie gypsy band playing original and traditional folk music inspired from their beautiful and culturally inspiring home country of Israel. Their super high and passionate energy is infectious and representative of a new angle in folk music, which has earned them a well-deserved place in the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Sumsum originated in Israel in 2008 from what began as a chance meeting of musicians at a festival in Turkey and blossomed into a mad journey of six musicians through hundred of appearances in the Middle East and internationally.

Just as it’s impossible to put your finger on the magic of the Gypsies themselves, there is no way to describe in words the energy which transpires between the band and its audience when they take to the stage. Something about the mix of the musicians’ styles, the extraordinary singing, the rhythmic bouzouki, the electrifying violin, the caressing guitar, the soaring saxophone, the bouncing contrabass and the blazing percussion instruments create a new sound and a performance which is a unique, sweeping and passionate experience.

The band plays and sings original and folk material from all over the world, inspired by Gypsy styles and local Middle Eastern influences. Currently the band is producing its fourth album.

Sumsum has performed in Israel and abroad, from the Rudelstaat Festival in Germany (2012) through a tour in Australia (2014).

Cast & Credits

  • Nimrod Nol - Violin
  • Michel Ben Shimon - Saxophone
  • Tai Nikritin - Bouzouki
  • Zev Yaniv - Percussion
  • Netanel Golberg - Vocals
  • Shlomi Mor - Bass, Guitar

Development Partners

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The Candy Butchers

‘Candy-Coated Circus Maxiumus perform awe inspiring and exquisitely executed physical feats. It is sexy, angsty and gasp inducing.’ – THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

‘At times it feels hallucinatory. It’s inventive, curious and original.’ – THE COURIER MAIL

The Candy Butchers was born from a desire to delve deep into the world of old time circus and physical story telling to create a Refreshingly dark, high -risk human spectacle blending the perverse with the poetic  to create circus with a heart… a twisted black one!

Created by contemporary circus luminaries Derek Ives (CIRCUS OZ)  & Azaria Universe (CIRCUS OZ, BURLESQUE HOUR) alongside Jess Love (LA SOIREE, LA CLIQUE) and DJ Garner (CIRQUE DU SOLEIL).

The show is a darkly humorous voyage into a neo-vaudevillian world of an imaginary sideshow era, combining high level circus with pathos, drama and tragedy. THE CANDY BUTCHERS is at once delicately touching, visually enchanting and physically impressive.

THE CANDY BUTCHERS has been heralded as one of the most important works to emerge from the new Australian circus movement.




  • NOMINATED Best Circus & Physical Theatre, BANKSA Award - Adelaide Fringe 2013
  • WINNER Best Independent Production - Green Room Award
  • WINNER Most Outstanding Production - Melbourne Fringe Festival Award
  • Voted #5 of ‘10 Best Theatre Experiences’ - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Cast & Credits

  • CO-CREATORS & PERFORMERS Derek Ives, Azaria Universe, Jess Love, DJ Garner
  • DIRECTOR Stephen Burton

The Dream Menagerie

  • Premiere Date

    7th September 2011

‘A riotous rambunctious ride…heart warming, hilarious, decidely odd and unashamedly good fun.’  – SCENE MAGAZINE

‘A confetti drenched dreamscape where things inside the Speigeltent are meant to be seen and not believed. Visually sumptuous and guaranteed to be expertly performed every night.’  – AUSTRALIAN STAGE

‘Reminds you how much fun the simple things can be. A riot…Its own kind of genius.’  – SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Shakespeare in a Spiegeltent?  Tod Browning’s infamous 1932 movie Freaks live on stage?

Welcome to the magical world of The Dream Menagerie.  Believe what you see, for you’ll never see what you believe.

Strut & Fret Production House invite you to join their international cast of curiosities in a thrilling new Spiegeltent experience.

This savage and subtle exploration of the magic of circus has been dreamed up by the company who created Cantina (BankSA Innovation Award 2011 & The Advertiser and Critics Circle Fringe Award – Best Over Production 2011), Feasting on Flesh, Tom Tom Crew and the Helpmann Award nominated A Company of Strangers.

Captain Frodo (Norway) returns to Australia to lead this cast of clowning connoisseurs, having previously toured the world with Oliver Award winning production, La Soiree.

Joining him are Derek Scott (Canada) – Slava’s Snow Show, Cirque Du Soleil; Trent Arkleysmith (Austria) – Von Trolley Quartet and Australia’s own Derek Ives –The Candy Butchers, Circus Oz and Imaan Hadchiti – A Little Perspective with Imaan.

Inspired by the Spiegeltent itself, The Dream Menagerie immerses its audience in a world of epic scale created within a bespoke and intimate environment.

As Director Scott Maidment explains, ‘having spent eight years working solely on Shakespeare and the past 14 years under the spell of the circus, I’m excited to bring these two worlds together.  Both Shakespeare and the circus explore the nature of appearance and reality and the magic of dreams and illusion.  With a cast of extraordinary performers and an exceptional score by Trent Arkleysmith, this will truly be an evening of wonder.’

‘I have had a most rare vision, I have had a dream.’ Nick Bottom

Cast & Credits

  • DIRECTOR Scott Maidment
  • CO-CREATORS & PERFORMERS Captain Frodo, Derek Ives, Derek Scott, Genevieve Thackwell-James, Imaan Hadchiti, Trent Arkleysmith
  • PRODUCER Sarah Stewart
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