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Strut & Fret first saw The Happy Sideshow perform at the 2001 National Circus Festival in Mullumbimby, Australia.  They began working together on a premiere season at the Brisbane Powerhouse a few months later, before touring to the Edinburgh Fringe.  Over the next 5 years, this unique celebration of the strange and wonderful toured the globe to international acclaim.  Featuring acrobatics, sword-swallowing, contortion, a bed of nails and all set to a thumping dance beat and spectacular stunt choreography, The Happy Sideshow featured the talents of MC and trap-snapping host, Shep Huntly; incredible rubberman, Captain Frodo, whipcrackin’ mistress of anglegrinding acrobatics, Tiger Lil and finally, the amazing sword-swallowing freak of nature, The Space Cowboy.

 Cast & Credits

  • ORIGINAL CAST & CREATORS Tigerlil, The Space Cowboy, Shep Huntly, Captain Frodo,
  • ADDITIONAL CAST Hamish McCormick, Matt Fraser, Sideshow Josh
  • STAGE MANAGER Scott MaidmentSonya Bohlen

 Tour History

  • Japan Contemporary Dance Exchange Yokohama 2006
  • Castlemaine Festival Australia 2005
  • Rotorua Arts Festival New Zealand 2005
  • Teatro Poliorama Barcelona 2004
  • The Garden of Unearthly Delights Adelaide 2002, 2004
  • Brisbane Powerhouse Australia 2001 & 2004
  • Suborb Circus Festival Sweden 2003
  • Spanish Tour 2003
  • Eurokaz Festival Croatia 2003
  • Kampnagel Theatres Germany 2003
  • International Festival Valladolid Spain 2003
  • Gold Coast Arts Centre Australia 2003
  • Sydney Opera House Australia 2002, 2003
  • Machine Gun Fellatio National Australian Tour 2002
  • Adelaide Cabaret Festival Australia 2002
  • Forum Theatre Melbourne 2002
  • Teatro della Tosse Italy 2002
  • Assembly Rooms Edinburgh 2001 & 2002
  • Zouk Club Singapore 2001
  • Melbourne International Festival Australia 2001
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