Men of Steel

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‘Hard Rubbish is fun: a mixture of mayhem and poignancy, satire and pure, playful invention.’ THE GUARDIAN

‘There is darkness and light in this intelligent and cunningly wrought production and, even if you don’t have kids, you will laugh and cheer for the tattered, decrepit underdogs.’  HERALD SUN

Comprised of co-creators Hamish Fletcher, Tamara Rewse and Sam Routledge and sound design and technical director, Jared Lewis; Men of Steel created their self-titled debut work for the 2006 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It received the Festival Direc­tors Award, was ‘Highly Commended’ by The Age Critics, picked up five star reviews and went on to delight festival audiences through­out Australia and internationally. Seasons have included: Hong Kong, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Beijing, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Singapore and nearly every Australian capital city to name just a few!

Men of Steel premiered their new work, Hard Rubbish, at Malthouse Theatre in 2013. Replaced by a suite of Swedish minimalist homewares, a pile of abandoned furniture awaits a trip to the tip. As the hour of judgement approaches, the hard rubbish decides it’s fightin’ time. Bringing new meaning to the term ‘moving house’, these wildly inventive object puppeteers will have you rethinking your relationships with the most ordinary household objects.

 ‘It’s all so beautiful and crazily inventive.’ THE AUSTRALIAN

‘The fantastic and satisfying finale is still making me smile hours later.’  CRIKEY


  • WINNER Festival Direc­tors' Award - Melbourne International Comedy Festival
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED Age Critics Award - Melbourne International Comedy Festival

 Cast & Credits

  • HARD RUBBISH - CREATORS Hamish Fletcher, Jared Lewis, Phillip McInnes, Ian Pidd, Tamara Rewse & Sam Routledge
  • HARD RUBBISH - PERFORMERS Hamish Fletcher, Phillip McInnes, Tamara Rewse & Malia Walsh

 Tour History

  • Malthouse Theatre Australia (Hard Rubbish) 2013
  • Regional Victorian Tour Australia (Men of Steel) 2011
  • Sydney Theatre Company Australia (Mr Freezy) 2010
  • Riverside Theatres Australia (Mr Freezy) 2010
  • The Arts Centre Melbourne Australia (Mr Freezy) 2010
  • IPAY: Pittsburgh USA (Mr Freezy) 2010
  • Windmill Performing Arts Australia (Mr Freezy) 2009
  • Chuncheon Mime Festival: Seoul, Korea (Men of Steel) 2009
  • Museum of Art, Kochi & Theatre 21, Kanazawa: Japan (Men of Steel) 2009
  • ArtPlay Australia (Mr Freezy) 2008
  • New Zealand Comedy Festiva Australial (Men of Steel) 2008
  • Queensland Performing Arts Centre Australia (Men of Steel) 2008
  • Sydney Opera House Australia (Men of Steel) 2008
  • Casula Powerhouse Australia (Men of Steel) 2008
  • Adelaide Fringe Australia (Men of Steel) 2007, 2008
  • Edinburgh Fringe United Kingdom (Men of Steel) 2007
  • Dublin Fringe (Men of Steel) 2007
  • Big Laugh Out, Riverside Theatre Australi (Men of Steel) 2007
  • Festival of Australian Theatre: Beijing (Men of Steel) 2007
  • Hong Kong Fringe Festival (Men of Steel) 2007
  • SOHO Theatres London (Men of Steel) 2007
  • International Puppet Carnival Australia (Men of Steel) 2006
  • Woodford Folk Festival Australia (Men of Steel) 2006
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival Australia (Men of Steel) 2005, 2006, 2007
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