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A spectacular new corruption from the people who brought you BLANC de BLANC and LIMBO UNHINGED.

A joyous cocktail of entertainment and enlightenment, let this cast of international prodigies and deviants lead you on an adventure of hedonistic theatrical anarchy.

Starring international clowning royalty Goos Meeuwsen (Cirque du Soleil), Hilton Denis (LIMBO), Blaise Garza (Violent Femmes), and featuring multi-lingual jazz vocalist sensation Lee Taylor.

Throw yourself into a joyful celebration of what it means to be human.

A word of warning – this show contains drug references, full frontal nudity, attempted pyrokinesis, and adult concepts.

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” ELBERT HUBBARD

 Cast & Credits

  • Creative Director: Scott Maidment
  • Artistic Associates: Spencer Novich and Nick Beyeler
  • Choreographers: Hilton Denis & Rechelle Mansour
  • Sound Operator: Tom Strode
  • Costume Designer: James Browne
  • Lighting Designer: Jason Raft
  • Music Arrangement: Steve Toulmin
  • Stage Manager: Cat Hobart
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Dani Miller
  • Visual Effects: Mik Lavage and Perceptual Engineering
  • Original Cast: Helena Bittencourt, Hilton Denis, Tim Kriegler, Rechelle Mansour, Goos Meeuwsen, Elke Uhd, Yammel Rodriguez
  • Musicians: Attis Clopton (drums), Blaise Garza (sax & flute), Fantine Pritoula (vocals), Lee Taylor (vocals)
  • Aerial tube act created by Nick Beyeler for LIFE – the show and is used with permission.

 Tour History

  • The Garden of Unearthly Delights, 2019
  • Brisbane Festival, 2018
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