Fun House


We’re bringing all the eye popping, sugar rushing, heart racing fun to Brisbane Festival 2017.

Brisbane Festival presents a brand new show full of exhilaration, exaltation and the best kind of inflation. This is fun on a BIG scale.

Watch as our cast of international performers create a pop-up Technicolor world before your very eyes and then invite you in to explore.

Featuring the music of viral YouTube sensation, DJ Pogo (200 million views), pale-faced harlequin Spencer Novich, multi-award winning star of Kracken, Trygve Wakenshaw and direct from Broadway, circus extraordinaire Kyle Driggs; this will undoubtedly be Brisbane’s biggest house party.

There is only one rule – have fun!…  Oh, and no shoes on the jumping castle…

 Cast & Credits

  • CONCIEVED & DIRECTED BY Scott Maidment
  • SET & COSTUME DESIGN James Browne
  • ORIGINAL CAST Adam O’Connor-McMahon, Andrea Murillo, Jessica Mews, Kyle Driggs, Laura New, Milena Straczynski, Spencer Novich, Trygve Wakenshaw, Uuve Jansson, Hampus Jansson

 Tour History

  • Brisbane Festival, 2017

 Development Partners

  • imagesFun House is commissioned by Brisbane Festival.

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