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The latest Strut & Fret production is a place where the champagne sparkles, eyes glimmer, the salacious and delicious combine for an evening of unparalleled pleasure.

The premiere season was presented by Sydney Opera House for their seductive summer season running from 7 Jan – 28 Feb 2016.

Blanc de Blanc serves a refined blend of vintage glamour, high-end spectacle and tantalising acts to infatuate, illuminate and delight. It brings the finest cabaret, acrobatic talent and eccentrics from around the world into a single, shimmering night.

It’s the perfect crowd, a night of lavish laughs and immersive, effervescent fun.

Blanc de Blanc offers bright top notes followed by rich textures, a smooth body and an utterly unexpected finish.

Fancy a tipple?

 Cast & Credits

  • CONCIEVED & DIRECTED BY Scott Maidment
  • ORIGINAL CAST Monsieur Romeo, Spencer Novich, Dominique Domingo, Emma Maye Gibson, Jaimi Luhrmann, Laura New, Jérôme Sordillon, Shun Sugimoto, Masha Terentieva, Hampus Jansson, Milena Straczynski
  • SET & LIGHTING DESIGN Philip Gladwell
  • MUSICAL DIRECTOR Steve Toulmin
  • ADDITIONAL MUSIC Christophe Filippi
  • COSTUME DESIGN James Browne

 Tour History

  • Spiegeltent Gold Coast, 2017
  • The Garden of Unearthly Delights, 2017
  • Regal Theatre Perth, 2016
  • Brisbane Festival, 2016
  • Hippodrome London, 2016
  • Sydney Opera House, 2016

 Development Partners

  • Sydney Opera House

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